Donald Trump’s Travel Ban Is A Disgrace And Everyone’s Problem.

Today I checked my privilege.

Today I woke up, put my foundation on my fair skin, tied up my light hair, put on my thick high-street brand clothes to keep me warm and left my four bedroom house.

Today I walked past the car I own as I made my way to the station. I boarded my train to London and headed to my University, to educate myself and further my career.

Today I walked past a church and pondered my Christian upbringing.

Today I ate my lunch, conversed with friends, purchased coffee and read various papers, magazines and news reports.

Today I checked my privilege.

Today I was thankful that my home, beginning with S, ends in urrey not yria.

Today I read factually accurate reports from the free press.

Today I was aware of my white skin, fair hair and English nationality.

Today I travelled across my country freely, without discrimination, hatred, judgement or a travel ban stopping me.

Today I sent a silent thank you up to whoever it was who decided I was able to have the life I lead, alongside a prayer for those who are not so fortunate.

Today I checked my privilege and I wished it didn’t exist.

Before you scroll past a news story on Facebook, before you flick past the news on the TV, before you come across a protest in the street and walk the other way, before you take any steps to convince yourself that the travel ban or any of the other shocking things happening in our world today are ‘not your problem’, remember to check your privilege.

How you would feel if it was the other way around?


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