The Five People You Will Always Find On The London Underground…

The London Underground is by far the easiest, quickest and best way to get around the busy city. Everyone uses it… Yes everyone. And while that has many positives (you can indulge in my favourite guilty pleasure of judging people’s quirky outfits, or drooling over a posh ladies Jimmy Choos), it also means that you get some people you wouldn’t want to share an Olympic Stadium with, let alone a small metal box…

1: The Stinker.

Yup, a gross as it is, the sardine-like squish of rush hour can often mean invading someone’s personal space and inhaling their ‘potent’ odour: having your head stuck in someone’s armpit is a classic.

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2: The Last Minute Dasher.

That person who jumps on at the very last second, wedging the timely passengers even further into the carriage. Sometimes they even get their bags, rucksack or limbs caught in the doors… “They deserve it”. What? Who said that? Definitely not us….

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3. Similar to The Last Minute Dasher, but altogether more infuriating is Mr/Miss “Can you move down please?” No. No we can’t.

Fergie GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

4. The Seat Hoggers.

These people are the worse kind of Tube travellers. We all like to get a seat, but guys come on, if there’s an elderly person, a pregnant lady, someone who can’t stand as well or has lots of bags, then get up and give them your seat! We know you’re pretending not to see while you stare at your blank phone. We see you.

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5. The idiots.

I call them this simply because they don’t follow the one simple, unspoken, rule of the Tube: Hold on! There’s always someone who thinks their leg muscles are more powerful than the Victoria Line to Warthemstow Central’s engine… They are nearly always wrong.

Falling Down GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

If this has peaked your interest, why not give some of these a go. You can never have too much tube knowledge after all.

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